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Become a part of this highly targeted market of readers, advertisers, medical professionals, growers, processors, dispensaries and distribution locations.

Print Advertising

Each issue reaches more than 12,000 readers primarily through free distribution. We are currently delivered to over 100 locations including: physician’s offices, all PA dispensaries, holistic health centers, health food stores, and retail establishments throughout Pennsylvania. These totals will continue to increase as the market expands.

Web Advertising

Web advertising for the cannabis industry is difficult to say the least. Most national ad networks impose stringent rules that typically disqualify most parties in our industry. Dispense has a comprehensive web ad system that offers many features such as detailed metrics and geo-targeting that will put your brand, service, or message in front of the people it needs to be.

Podcast Sponsorships

Dispense Magazine hosts a long-running and loyally listened to podcast that presents the opportunity to expand your reach beyond the screen and page. We are able to air pre-recorded ads, sponsored interviews, on-air reviews, recommendations, and more. Each and every podcast is published on our website and promoted on our Social Media platforms.

The benefits of Full Spectrum Advertising

Our goal is to provide a place for medical cannabis consumers to find information while working within the medical cannabis markets to offer collectives, dispensaries, physicians and other industry professionals a way to advertise and connect.